"New York is a network. Boston is a community."


Someone said this to me back in 2012, when Dave Balter and I launched Intelligent.ly, and I'll never forget it; this simple statement has shaped our vision ever since. A new wave of startups was emerging in Boston, and you could feel the energy everywhere. Bright-eyed first timers were dreaming up big ideas and rolling up their sleeves to bring them to life. Meanwhile, our community was rich with experienced entrepreneurs and startup pros who were eager to share their expertise.

We had an incredible opportunity to build a new community.

And Intelligent.ly was born. As soon as we announced our then mission—to help startups learn, to win, from people who've done it before—we were flooded with outreach. People raised their hands to share time, expertise and support to help us take flight. Because Boston is a community.

During our first two years, we helped thousands of startup team members learn Marketing, Product Management, Business Development and more through our skill classes. We served hundreds of companies, and through these connections, we began to see a common theme. 

Boston startups were too busy to invest in leadership development. 

Rapidly scaling startups were promoting people into management roles without the basic skills they needed to succeed. Individual contributors were hungry for a sense of growth and mastery, but no one inside their companies had time for coaching. We saw a problem, and we had to solve it. And the new vision for Intelligent.ly came to life.

Now we're committed to developing Boston's next-generation of exceptional leaders. 

We've already impacted over 50 companies across our city with our programs. Our community of leaders is growing like wildfire, and we'd love to work with you next! 

- Sarah Hodges, Co-Founder, Intelligent.ly




Sarah Hodges



Dave Balter

Claire Bi
Partner Development Manager

Gabriela McManus
Executive Director



Mike Troiano

Mike Troiano
CMO, Actifio


Aaron White
Founder, Boundless


Christopher O'Donnell
VP of Product, HubSpot




Gary Fortier
COO, Raizlabs

Cory von Wallenstein.jpg

Cory von Wallenstein
CEO, Adored

Matthew Bellows Yesware

Matthew Bellows
Founder & CEO, Yesware

Richard Banfield Fresh Tilled Soil

Richard Banfield
CEO, Fresh Tilled Soil

Peter Blacklow
Senior Partner, Boston Seed Capital

Nicole Stata
Founder & Managing Director,
Boston Seed Capital

Sydney Atkins Mason.jpg

Sydney Atkins Mason
Investment Advisor, Goldman Sachs

Greg Raiz Raizlabs

Greg Raiz
Founder & CEO, Raizlabs


Jacqueline Hampton
Digital Strategy Consultant, Startup Advisor

Janet Comenos

Janet Comenos
CEO, Spotted Media

Walt Doyle GasBuddy

Walt Doyle
CEO, GasBuddy

David Chang.JPG

David Chang
Entrepreneur & Angel Investor


Dipul Patel
Co-Founder & CEO, Ecovent

Kristen Yerardi_WordStream

Kristen Yerardi
VP Customer Success, WordStream

Swami Kumaresan

Swami Kumaresan
CEO, Databox

Scott Savitz
Managing Partner, Data Point Capital

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