Companies who engage in effective communication are 4.5 times more likely to have highly engaged employees, and 20 percent more likely to have less
employee turnover.*

Designed to improve communication across teams, this workshop helps individuals understand their own communication style, identify other styles, and learn how to adapt.

Discover Your Own Personality Type

Participants complete the Real Colors® personality assessment (based on Myers-Briggs) to identify their own type and corresponding communication style. 

Learn How to Adapt

  • Discover how to identify different communication styles
  • Listen to peers describe their personal preferences
  • ain practical tools for adapting your style for better collaboration

Improve Team Communication  

  • Identify the styles of your team members
  • Create a game plan for a conversation with your peers about their preferences
  • Leverage’s Adaptability Guide to build a plan for improved communication

3 - 4 hours   |   $150/person (16 person minimum per session)

“The communication workshop gave me and my team a compass of compassion to navigate and honor the preferred communication styles of our colleagues. We each came away with a practical, powerful toolkit that has helped build bridges of understanding and camaraderie. I highly recommend the workshop.”
— Debbie Cavalier, Vice President Online Learning/CEO Berklee Online

*According to data cited by Weekdone.