Delegation. It’s Science, Not Art. 

All too often, new managers confuse delegation with dumping projects into their team members’ laps without the coaching or guidance they need to succeed. This workshop tackles the science of delegation, providing a concrete framework to help you understand what and how to delegate.         

Learn How to Delegate

  • Understand Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership II model for delegation.
  • Explore how to give yourself and your team members the right support needed for success.

Get SMART About Goal-Setting

  • Understand a framework for setting clear and achievable goals. 

Identify the Right Approach to Delegation

  • Through an interactive exercises, evaluate situations that require delegation.
  • Identify the right approach based on team members’ levels of competence and commitment.
  • nderstand the different leadership styles and the importance of flexibility when delegating.

Assessment Results

  • Receive the results from the Leadership Behavior Analysis II assessment (completed in advance).
  • Create actionable steps to adapt your natural leadership style for any situation.

TIME: 3 - 4 hours   |   COST: $275/person