Your team should not have more drama than a
daytime soap opera.

Difficult conversations are a natural part of any work environment. Ensuring that managers have the tools they need to navigate them gracefully will make or break your company. This workshop helps individuals learn how to proactively address uncomfortable conversations as they arise, swiftly taking action to ease tension on teams and create clarity.     

Diagnose Difficult Conversations

  • Understand different types of difficult conversations and when you might encounter team
  • Comprehend the critical impact these conversations have on a team

Learn the GROW Framework for Navigating Tense Situations

  • Walk through the four steps of the GROW framework for difficult conversations
  • Establish behaviors to remain authentic, assertive, and objective (but not stone cold)
  • Differentiate facts from stories so you can catch yourself in the act moving forward

Develop Accountability & Define Clear Actions

  • Engage in a deliberate practice for increased behavior change
  • Develop an action plan for having a difficult conversation before it’s too late
  • Pair up with accountability partners for ongoing support

TIME: 3 - 4 hours   |   COST: $125/person (16 person minimum per session)

“I was able to use the material we covered nearly immediately. I was also able to recall and share it with others who are gearing up for their own difficult conversations.”