1. COMPLETE: LBAII Assessment (You will get a separate email.)

    Set aside 30 minutes: this assessment will help you better understand the effectiveness of your delegation style.

    1. READ: "For delegation to work it has to come with coaching" (HBR)


    DAY 4: DELIVER + SUCCEED (August 24th)
    Delegation is the key to executing against a plan.
    Understand the situational leadership framework and learn to effectively delegate.

    DAY 1: LISTEN (July 18th)
    Gain understanding of communication basics including:
    levels of listening, temperament styles, and adaptability.

    DAY 2: ENGAGE (August 1st)
    Drive engagement by understanding how to identify, develop,
    and leverage the strengths of the people on your team.

    DAY 3: ALIGN (August 11th)
    Learn a framework for creating focus in the midst of distractions to
    align the team to the company's greatest objectives.