Through building our own companies and working with over 50 scaling Boston startups, we've developed a deep understanding of the core leadership skills that move the needle for teams.

In response, we've created a series of workshops for teams who want to bring in-house.

  • Communicate EffectivelyDesigned to improve communication across teams, the Communicate Effectively workshop helps individuals understand their own communication style, identify and understand others’ styles, and learn best practices for adapting to improve results. Participants receive their own communication assessment (Real Colors®, based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and Adaptability Guide to create concrete plans for turning what they learned into actionLEARN MORE


  • GROW Through Difficult Conversations: This workshop helps individuals learn how to proactively address uncomfortable conversations as they arise. Participants work through a complete framework for unpacking, positioning, and preparing for difficult high-impact conversations. Upon workshop completion, individuals are better equipped to prepare for and navigate difficult conversations, create alignment and agreement through open dialogue, and apply learnings in real-time. LEARN MORE


  • Delegate to Accelerate: Critical for people managers, but also useful for all team members who are dedicated to working effectively with others, the Delegate to Accelerate workshop uses a proven model to help individuals learn how to assess and prepare their team members for success in any situation. Participants first dive into WHY delegating is an essential skill of leaders, and then address HOW to do it effectively using a proven model. Participants practice how to ‘diagnose’ and ‘match’ using real-world situations, and develop actionable steps for turning this practice into habit. LEARN MORE