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Put Those Grant Dollars to Work, Work, Work

Massachusetts wants to help foot your training bill

What if we told you that you could be reimbursed for up to 50% of your leadership training expenses?

Thanks to the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund, your training dollars could be matched dollar for dollar.

The great state of Massachusetts shares our commitment to investing in training our local workforce, and has a dedicated program to reward companies who are developing their next generation of leaders. Many of our program partners have been rewarded with grants that can be used directly towards Exchange and Workshop programs––want in on the action?

“The state’s Workforce Development Grant is an amazing resource that’s given our company multiple opportunities to participate in leadership and development programs with, training and preparing our team for roles with increasing leadership.” — Richard Banfield, CEO of Fresh Tilled Soil. wants to help you secure funding for your team. To that end we’re happy to help you kick off the application process.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • You choose the type of training you need for your team
  • There is a simple application process to obtain a grant
  • The state will match your training dollars 1:1
  • Receive up to $250,000 over two years

Have more questions about the process? Just send us a note and we’ll be glad to try to answer your questions and help you choose the training that makes the most sense for your team.

In addition to our popular Exchange program for new managers, we’re offering a series of half-day workshops that qualify for reimbursement under the program. We bring the training directly to your team, and our team of expert facilitators will guide your team through engaging hands-on, collaborative exercises that will elevate leadership throughout your company.

Qualifying Workshops

Have you applied for a MWTF Grant in the past? Interested in learning ho you can get the state of Massachusetts to help fuel your training budget. We’d love to hear from you at

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Tom Brady is the New GLOAT

Tom Brady is the New GLOAT

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ve heard that the New England Patriots made history in the greatest Super Bowl comeback ever — led by none other than Tom Brady (and giving him his 5th ring). They call him the GOAT, but at we like to call him the GLOAT: Greatest Leader of All Time. On the contrary, he doesn’t gloat — but you get the picture.

Leadership Q & A with Katie Burke, CPO, HubSpot

INTELLIGENT.LY: What was your first job?

Katie: Informally, it was babysitting, but more formally, it was as a retail associate at the Express — I folded a lot of jeans and listened to a lot of holiday music.

INTELLIGENT.LY: Share some of your hidden talents?

Katie: Finding great dessert locations (specifically ice cream) in places where I travel. I can also make a pretty decent chocolate chip cookie. All of my hidden talents revolve around consumption or concoctions with sugar, sadly.

Two Years, Two Promotions.

Courtney Camps, Director of Customer Success for EverTrue, has witnessed firsthand the impact of rapid growth at one of Boston’s bustling startups. She began her EverTrue career several years ago in Customer Success, and as the company’s fourth employee. In a recent conversation with us, Courtney emphasized how one of the most compelling benefits of working at a successful startup like EverTrue is the abundance of career-growth opportunities.

Leadership Q&A with Mike Troiano, CMO, Actifio

INTELLIGENT.LY: What was your first job?

MIKE: My first job ever was working a veterans cemetery in RI. It was a little creepy in the beginning, if I’m honest. But the money was great, and it was a great way to get in shape for football. It also gave me a deeper appreciation for veterans and their families. By the end of the Summer, I loved it.

My first job out of college was selling kitchen knives door-to-door. I learned a lot about what it takes to get people to buy doing that, across the kitchen table. Lessons I still draw on all the time.

Leadership Limelight: Dave Balter

Leadership Limelight is a bi-weekly series that shares insight from leaders in Boston with the startup community. This week, we spoke to co-founder Dave BalterMylestoned’s, an early-stage venture backed startup, Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

Balter, a serial entrepreneur, founded Mylestoned in 2016 and previously led the Transactions (M&A and Partnerships) Team at Pluralsight, via the acquisition of Smarterer, a venture backed skills assessment startup he co-founded in 2010 and led as CEO since 2013.

Expanding's Tribe

I couldn’t be happier to have joined the team to develop relationships with our current and future partners. Having spent nearly a decade in high-growth, Boston-based startups, I have worked in industries ranging from retail to enterprise software. As a founding member and former Director of Blank Label’s Retail program (Best of Boston 2014, 2015 and 2016), I focused on building teams and service standards in pursuit of a differentiated approach to retail.

Bringing Leadership Insight to VC at Pillar

I’ve got a new gig. I’m joining Pillar, a new venture capital fund in Boston, as a Partner.

Over the last few years, I’ve transitioned into a board member role at, and will continue to remain actively involved in this capacity. Gabriela McManus has been leading the charge, doubling the number of emerging leaders we’ve served in the last year, and expanding our reach to over 50 companies across Boston. couldn’t be in better hands.

Leadership Limelight: Jennifer Lum

Leadership Limelight is a bi-weekly series that shares insight from leaders in Boston with the startup community. This week, we spoke to Jennifer Lum, Co-Founder of Adelphic Mobile.

In Jennifer’s current role at Adelphic, she provides long-term strategic vision and guidance and ensures the company’s offerings continue to evolve and provide greater value to clients. Prior to Adelphic, Jennifer worked at Apple and helped build iAd, the leading mobile advertising engagement platform.