Leadership Lab

A Season of Change for

It’s been pretty incredible to watch the transformation of over the last four years. We started by connecting people through skill classes, and grew into developing Boston’s next generation of leaders. Our vision has expanded and our reach has grown, and now it’s time to usher in a new chapter.

This week, we say goodbye to Abbie Weeks, who has been an incredible leader for the team over the last two years. Our mission is one that supports the personal growth and development of leaders, and Abbie is ready to kick off a fresh chapter in her own career. We couldn’t be more grateful for the passion and energy she has brought to, and we’re cheering for Abbie as she transitions into her next gig. From the very first day she entered our world, she has brought laughter, positivity, and a relentless drive to our business that has helped us grow our footprint, impacting over 75 startups across Boston. Her commitment to creating exceptional experiences has elevated our programming, touching hundreds of leaders’ lives. Thank you, Abbie, for everything. We’ll miss you.

We’re so fortunate to have another leader in our midst who is stepping up to lead through our next stage of growth. Gabriela McManus has been with the team for the last year as our Director of Learning and Development, and will now move into the Executive Director role. Gabriela joined us from Infusionsoft last Summer, and dove right in to begin facilitating our leadership programs and improving our curriculum. She has deep personal knowledge of what it’s like to live through the highs and lows of a high-growth startup, we’ve been blown away by the fire and insight that she brings to our team. Learn more about Gabriela’s vision for here.

We doubled our impact over the last year, and I can only imagine what’s ahead with Gabriela at the helm. I’ve never been so excited about our future; every company in our community can benefit from the power of investing in our leaders, and we’ve only scratched the surface on what’s possible. Connect with us here to follow along with our journey or learn more about our programs. Thanks for all the support you’ve shown to our team over the years. We’re grateful to be part of this community!