Leadership Lab

A Vision for the Future

Our vision is simple - we’re building a community of leaders. The operative word being community.

Through a career focused on management and leadership development in rapid-growth companies, I have seen firsthand the tremendous impact of intentionally building individual and organizational leadership capacity. When I heard about’s work supporting rapidly scaling startups committed to growing and retaining talent, I knew I had found my place.  

In the year that I have been here, we-fine tuned our Exchange program for new managers, launched EMERGE for individual contributors and kicked off two new company workshop offerings. These have expanded our footprint and doubled our impact.  The stories that come out of these experiences are what I am most proud of - the anecdotes of small behavioral changes that led to big results, the shift in mindset, the relationships that are forged - this is where the impact is happening. The ripple effect is massive, but this is only the beginning.

I’m tired of Boston’s tech community being perceived as San Francisco’s lesser East Coast counterpart. We have a tremendous amount of talent, a rich ecosystem of universities, and access to capital in our own backyard. Intentionally developing our next generation will only serve to increase our advantage. We’re fueling this growth at in our leadership development programs, and building a new normal for leadership across our city that centers on a hands-on, collaborative approach.

How we’ve shaped our programs is an output of who we are as a team - catalysts for connection, startup-focused entrepreneurs, and trusted experts. We’re rethinking leadership development based on our own experiences growing companies, by blending research-based methodology with a hyper-growth perspective. It isn’t good enough to know something; you have to know when and how to put it into action.

Coming from startup roots ourselves, we understand and embrace agility, and produce an environment that inspires innovation. We encourage everyone who passes through our programs to focus less on the answers, instead, asking the right questions to challenge the status quo and be a disruptive force.  

Over the next few years, we will focus on one thing: becoming the standard for leadership development in Boston. By partnering with rapidly scaling companies, we will make it easier for entrepreneurs and startups to focus on their work and their purpose, because they know we have them covered when it comes to developing their people.  

In a city where we have some of the best educational institutions in the world, provides a different solution - one that complements our historic ties to education and helps propel us into the future. At one of our Exchange programs last year a manager approached me to say he wants an sweatshirt showcasing his non-traditional MBA. I envision a dense web of alumni of our ‘non-traditional MBA program’ coming together to make our community even stronger over the next decade. This is our vision for the future--game-changers making an impact on our city, connected by their experience.