Leadership Lab

Expanding's Tribe

I couldn’t be happier to have joined the team to develop relationships with our current and future partners. Having spent nearly a decade in high-growth, Boston-based startups, I have worked in industries ranging from retail to enterprise software. As a founding member and former Director of Blank Label’s Retail program (Best of Boston 2014, 2015 and 2016), I focused on building teams and service standards in pursuit of a differentiated approach to retail. Growing the company from an e-commerce business to three brick and mortar locations in under two years was a big win. Most recently, I expanded EverTrue’s customer base in the Southeast and soaked up the energy of a rapidly growing SaaS company. I’ve been fortunate throughout my career to work with incredibly talented teams (many of whom are part of’s tribe) in hitting some very lofty goals.


I say tribe, because in just a few short days on board, I’ve experienced’s ability to create an environment focused on fostering human connection. We are a community of like-minded people, working together, contributing individual talents in pursuit of a greater, common goal. Moreover,’s tribe extends beyond our small and mighty team. We have the unique opportunity to work alongside Boston’s brightest companies, developing their future leaders, scaling their impact and creating a premier community in a thriving start-up scene.


Of all the learnings, I’ll never forget my first leadership training. The opportunity to stretch in a safe space shifted my mindset from doing to developing. The result was a new generation of internal leaders. They allowed me to walk away when the time was right, knowing that my role was transitioning to the most capable and committed hands. In two years time, the fresh-out-of-college hires grew quickly enough to earn a seat at the table. How rewarding is that?! The experience was an inflection point in my career that put me on the path to joining


Already I’ve felt the energy and momentum from our EMERGE and Exchange participants. I’ve heard from partners about the ripple effects of investing in their talent, and I’ve listened to the stories of personal growth from alumni. These anecdotes are just the tip of the iceberg.

So here’s my ask to both current and future members of the Tribe: please reach out to connect.  My calendar is open and I’m anxious to hear your thoughts on how we can continue to make an impact on Boston’s future generation of talent!