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Two Years, Two Promotions.

How Alum Courtney Camps Propelled into a Leadership Role at EverTrue

Courtney Camps, Director of Customer Success for EverTrue, has witnessed firsthand the impact of rapid growth at one of Boston’s bustling startups. She began her EverTrue career several years ago in Customer Success, and as the company’s fourth employee. In a recent conversation with us, Courtney emphasized how one of the most compelling benefits of working at a successful startup like EverTrue is the abundance of career-growth opportunities. One day you’re learning the ropes of a new company and position, and the next, managing a group of people for the first time. Not only do the companies grow quickly, but the expectations of team members, especially those moving into management roles, are ever increasing as well.

Having recently experienced not one, but two promotions within the past year, we asked Courtney, who is a graduate of both’s Emerge and Exchange programs, to reflect on how Exchange factored into her professional development. “When I started Exchange, I didn’t feel like a manager. I felt really uncertain that I’d be able to lead a team. Afterwards, I felt empowered — people around me felt more confident too. Exchange is an amazing reminder not to be afraid of your own deficiencies. It helped me to improve in a safe environment.”

Courtney’s also begun actively seeking advice, and going out of way to learn from more seasoned leaders to find a sounding board and expand her perspective. She’s also been more keenly aware of her team, continuously adapting to leverage their strengths to fill in the gaps. Her team is empowered because they feel like they’re working towards common goal, and have a clear understanding of how they can each individually make an impact.

Echoing what many fellow Exchange participants have shared with us, Courtney noted the full-day session being a useful opportunity to step back from the day-to-day responsibilities at work and focus on developing her leadership skills, with a cohort of fellow new managers from Boston area startups and high growth companies. It’s a growing community where after the program, members continue to turn to one another for advice and support.

Our next Exchange session is coming up on March in Boston. Curious about Exchange for yourself or your team? We’d be glad to chat. Just reach out to for more info.