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Community Marketer

You’re a self-starter who thrives in a fast-paced environment, moves quickly to advance from idea to action. You're passionate about marketing and build strong relationships with those you meet, an ambassador for your work, who enjoys the chance to connect with leaders from across the startup community.

You love a challenge and thrive on identifying innovative ways to increase ROI, with a strong focus on connecting people with each other to drive value. You’re a master of juggling multiple balls at the same time while nailing all the intricate details of planning and executing events. You’re a strategic problem-solver who anticipates challenges before they arise, loves the agility that a startup encourages, and proposes innovative solutions.

You’re a super-communicator, with superior written and verbal communication skills. You have a deep understanding of how to cultivate a brand that resonates emotionally with people, and invest in your own personal brand with the same care you show to your company’s. You think like an entrepreneur and take full ownership of your role - focusing on unique and innovative ideas to drive results. You’re a lover of leadership, who devours inspiring articles and thinks about leadership not as a title, but as a way of being.  

This is an extremely important role impacting revenue and brand. We're looking for someone who can contribute towards a holistic strategic marketing plan focused on events and community. If you're a self-starter, professional, experienced in building community, PR and promotional events, we would like to meet you.

  • Community-building: Strategically connect people to Intelligent.ly through in-person events and related social opportunities

  • Public Relations & Promotion: Coordinate all promotional community events and communication to bring our brand to potential partners

  • Hunter: Identify opportunities for company participation and sponsorship that align with our go-to-market strategy including meet-ups, user groups, conferences and other events

  • Positioning: Clearly communicate, why and what of Intelligent.ly publicly

  • Project Management: Develop project plans, track progress, and manage field marketing programs.


Between the good times, the chaos, the challenges and triumphs of a startup, you’ll never experience a dull moment! This role presents an opportunity to rapidly grow your skills while building a network of talented peers at Boston’s hottest companies. It’s game time.

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