Leadership Development for Managers


Exchange is an interactive six-session program designed to help new managers learn the foundational skills they need to successfully build and lead teams.

The program meets over four months, allowing managers to apply what they learn in real-time, while receiving coaching and support from a network of peers and expert facilitators. 


4 Months

6 Sessions

50 Companies


Upcoming Programs: 

Session Topics

Know Yourself

Program foundation, where you’ll build understanding in what it means to be an exceptional leader and craft a plan after receiving 360 feedback.

Create Alignment

Understand why vision is important & learn how to create and align your team to a shared vision.

Communicate Effectively

Learn the 4 basic communication styles and learn how to adapt your approach to drive results.

Manage Individuals

Understand specific strategies and tactics for developing your people and increase productivity from delegation, 1:1s, and giving feedback, by leveraging these tools.

Manage a Team

Prepare for and learn to navigate difficult conversations, understanding approaches to conflict and strategies to increase team performance.

Manage Change

Change is a constant. Determine how to incorporate concepts learned throughout the program to move them from being impacted by change to leading through change.  


The Facts

Promoting individual contributors into management roles is a smart way to scale a fast growing organization, but learning key management skills and frameworks doesn’t happen automatically. 

That’s where Exchange comes in.





Exchange is designed for new managers who have been leading teams for less than 2 years, without formal coaching and guidance.



  • The program meets over four months.
  • Managers to apply what they learn in real-time.
  • Peers and expert facilitators provide coaching and support.
  • Over 300 managers from rapidly growing companies have completed Exchange. 
  • Across the board they report increased confidence and clarity in leading teams. 


We are currently enrolling managers for the following sessions:


Nov. 2017 Program
Enrolling Now

($3,750 per person)

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Jan. 2017 Program Enrolling Now

($3,750 per person)

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*Dates subject to change


What They're Saying

“Stepping up into a management role at Yesware is both exciting and demanding. The Exchange program has been instrumental in helping our new managers make this transition. I highly recommend working with”

-Matthew Bellows, Founder and CEO, Yesware

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