Leadership Development for Companies


Our workshops focus on developing the core leadership skills for all employees at high growth companies. They are designed to fit your team's needs and schedule.


Over 90% of college-educated millennials said new skill development was important to career success by a 2015 KPMG study. Investing in leadership development is essential to help newly promoted managers succeed, yet many companies don’t have the time, resources or expertise to deliver valuable training.


Workshop Offerings

Effective Communication

Designed to improve communication across teams, the Effective Communication workshop helps individuals understand their own communication style, identify and understand others’ styles, and learn best practices for adapting to improve results through dialogue, non-verbal queues, and active listening. Participants receive their own communication assessment (NCTI Real Colors®) and Adaptability Guide to create concrete plans for turning learnings into action.

Difficult Conversations

This workshop helps individuals learn how to proactively address uncomfortable conversations as they arise. Participants work through a complete framework for unpacking, positioning, and preparing for difficult high-impact conversations. Upon completion of the workshop, individuals are better equipped to prepare for and to navigate difficult conversations, to create alignment and build agreement through open dialogue, and to apply learnings in real-time.

Persuasive Influence

Persuasive Influence is a one-day interactive workshop designed to help individual contributors become more effective influencers. Attendees will learn communication fundamentals, increase self-awareness, and discover their own unique leadership strengths using the Gallup StrengthsFinder. Additionally, they'll learn an influencing framework to help them best position their approach, and discover fundamental storytelling principles along with the ideal presentation arc to perfect their pitch.

Intelligent Delegation

Critical for people managers, but also useful for all team members who are dedicated to working effectively with others, the Delegate to Accelerate workshop uses a proven model to help individuals learn how to assess and prepare their team members for success in any situation. Participants first dive into WHY delegating is an essential skill of leaders,  then address HOW to do it effectively. Participants practice how to ‘diagnose’ and ‘match’ using real-world scenarios, and develop actionable steps for turning this practice into habit.


What They're Saying

"The communication workshop gave my team and me a compass of compassion to navigate and honor the preferred communication styles of our colleagues. We each came away with a practice, powerful toolkit that has helped build bridges of understanding and camaraderie. I highly recommend this workshop."

- Debbie Cavalier, VP Online Learning, Berklee Online

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